Speak up

I know I have written a little about being tolerant of other people. I just want to go into more detail about that. As Christians we should be willing to tell people when they are doing something that is against God. I have recently seen even more about certain TV preachers telling people to be tolerant of others even when they are sinning. We know these people will not get into Heaven if they continue down that path. When you are truly saved the Bible tells us we will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that makes us want to live our lives for God. If you continue to sin then you are not trying to live for God and therefore cannot truly be saved. Everyone will still make mistakes, but there is a huge difference in making small mistakes and continuing to live in sin. There is only one way to Heaven despite what some TV preachers tell you and that is belief in Christ as your Lord and savior. He died for our sins and by doing so paid the debt that we could not. “If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you will be saved” Romans 10:9 We should be willing to tell everyone about God and how to get to Heaven and not be afraid that others might view us in a negative way. We do not live for others or the world, but for God alone. It is time to stop worrying about politics and society and focus on what is really important, GOD! Our life on earth is short, but then we have eternity for our souls. The time now is to prepare for our souls and where we want to be. Once we are gone from this world it will be too late and if we do not make the right decisions we will lose our chance to spend eternity with Jesus. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so we need to make today count.