A Call to a Nation

I know everyone is aware of the media in America the last couple of weeks. Our youth of this Nation are killing people simple because they have nothing better to do. I think this should be a wake up call to the people in America to get back to our roots and turn back to God. This senseless violence will not stop until we all get right with the Lord. American’s everywhere are hungry for God’s word without even knowing it. Only when we accept the Lord into our hearts can our nation start to heal. We need to revive the Christian people in our Nation need to start taking a stand for our beliefs and God’s truth. His word does not change just because society does. We should not let people stand in our way of spreading God’s word to those who want to hear it. We have tried doing things on our own for years now and it is quite obvious that the Nation is deteriorating on a daily basis. Our Nation was founded on the Bible and God’s word so we could worship him freely not so all other religions can become more acceptable. There is only one true God and we need to turn back to Him so the healing can begin. I also want to open up to all the people who may read this blog in passing. If there is anything you would like to know the truth about feel free to ask. I will tell you the truth about what God says without skirting the issue or sugar coating.  We are in need of a savior and Jesus is the only one who can save us. We can not continue to allow senseless acts of violence. It is not a black and white race issue, it is all our youth and our future. These young people will run our country one day and we have to make sure their values are in the right place. Thanks and God bless.


Sharing the Word of God

It is not enough to just be a Christian yourself. The Bible tells us we should spread God’s word and tell everyone about Him. An atheist once said ” How much do you have to hate someone to know that you hold the key to eternity the most wonderful thing [heaven] and you won’t share it with everybody….”(Gilette) We get so wrapped up in what others may think that we actually forget that the most important thing is God and His will. We as Christians know what is in store for those who do not believe in God and live they life for Him. People invest in their future through retirement plans all the time without knowing if they will ever even make it to retirement age. Why not invest in your eternity? People need to know the absolute truth that the Bible tells us. We know everything we need to in order to live a productive life for God’s glory and be rewarded with eternity in Heaven. We should put aside feeling foolish because in the end it will be others who feel foolish. It is not about our comfort and God will give us the strength and words we need in order to share His word. We do not have to be afraid of what others think because we have God on our side. Plus, if someone is offended by hearing God’s true word and His laws then they are not saved. We cannot continue to allow people to just share part of God’s word. We do not get to pick and choose what in the Bible is real. It is all real like it or not. Yes, some of the rules may be hard to follow and harder for some, but the reward is great and the punishment fearful. If I choose to believe and I am wrong nothing happens to me when I die, but if you choose to NOT believe and you die then you spend an eternity suffering for your sins. Anyone can be washed clean through Christ if you just choose to live your life for Him. Thank you and God bless.

Jessica Pickel

Stance on Abortion

So I just realized I did not post what this week’s blog will be about. Well, I have decided to once again talk about something some Christians tend to skate around and that is abortion. All should be against abortion. God has a plan for everyone and yes sometimes bad things happen. It should not be a choice on whether or not a child has the right to live. I know from personal experience that a baby has a heartbeat at six weeks. I have seen it with my last two pregnancies. Life should not be choice; if you don’t want a baby use protection or abstinence. I know there are some cases of rape or sexual abuse, but that child should not be punished for the bad deeds of others. There are other options like adoption if you do not want to raise the baby. The Bible tells us very plainly people do not have the right to decide who lives and who dies. It even talks about if a man strikes a woman who is pregnant and something happens to the fetus he could be punished for taking a life (Exodus). It also says the Lord knows us by name before we are even conceived. Some people do not believe a baby is living until it is born, but it is those same people that usually believe animals and plants are living. What makes something living? If they have a heartbeat, brain activity, eat, and breathe that is considered living. A fetus does all of this by six weeks of pregnancy. Most women do not even know they are pregnant this early on; meaning most abortions are after this point. There should be no scenario that makes killing an unborn child ok. That child is innocent and has a purpose. So many preachers will say it is ok if medically necessary, but we should have more faith in God than that. So as for the Christian point of view abortion is wrong no matter what. It should not be used as an easy out for people who want to live in sin and not use protection. Thanks and God bless.

Next week I will be talking about sharing God’s word with others.

Jessica Pickel

Parenting God’s Way

In the world today more and more people frown on punishing children. This can actually do more harm for your child than spanking them. Children need to know when they do something wrong or they cannot learn how to act. So many people never punish their kids and those kids grow up and realize life is not as easy as they thought. If you love your child you should be willing to correct them when they make mistakes. Keep in mind spanking a child is not the same as abusing a child. Correcting a child’s behavior is necessary for them to learn and does not make you a bad parent. Abusing a child is and will always be wrong. Some people do not like the fact the Bible talks about sparing the rod and spoiling the child, but this just means to punish your children when they make mistakes and guide them down the right path. It has been proven that punishment works in correcting behavior. Look at generational differences. You can tell when people quit spanking their children. There are more disrespectful children, partying, drug use, and teen pregnancy now because people try to be friends and not parents. People let the kids get away with everything and so the child never learns which behaviors are right and which behaviors will have consequences. So, if you love your child and want them to succeed in life correct them when they behavior in a bad way and guide them down the right path. We need to be parents to our children; they have enough friends. Thanks for reading and God bless. Jessica Pickel

Tithing in a Bad Economy

This week is going to be short and sweet speaking the truth about tithing. This is a sensitive subject for some, and can even keep people from going to church. No church is going to make you gives tithes. You do not need to feel bad if you don’t think you can give. What I will say is the Bible does tell us we are suppose to no matter our financial situation though. Tithing is God’s portion of what you make, and goes to maintain the church you attend so they can continue to do the Lord’s work. God says in the Bible we should give to Him from the top of what we have and give with a cheerful heart. God will not abandon you if you do not give, but those that tithe faithfully will be rewarded for it. God will always make sure you have the things you need, and we should not let money rule our lives. I have seen people tithe who barely had enough money to pay their bills and yet they some how make it through every month. Typically tithing is 10% and can be deducted from your taxes. You should give like you pay taxes; right off the top. The people who benefit from this money are all of God’s people. It allows more of God’s will to be done. I encourage everyone to at least try tithing for one year; just as I encouraged everyone to attend church for one year. You will see the blessings the Lord will give in your life. Keep in mind those blessings may not be money, but will be fulfilling in your life. You trust God with your eternity and believe He will fulfill His promises, then why don’t you trust Him with your finances. He will keep the promises He gave in regards to them to.Thanks for reading and God bless.

Next week will be about parenting.

Jessica Pickel

Truth about the Bible and Sexuality

I know many things have become acceptable in today’s society, one being homosexuality. If you are a Christian there is only one thought you can have on this. This Bible is very clear that acting on homosexual feelings is morally wrong. This does not mean there won’t be people who have those urges. What it means is as a Christian if you do have these feelings you should not act on them. Sometimes people have to go through trials in life and this would be a trial for certain people. Acting on homosexual feelings is a choice just like acting on heterosexual feelings is a choice. I have seen many people who have homosexual feelings choose to lead a heterosexual life for God. This is not a grey area in the Bible where some people can say it is ok. It is very clear that acting on these feelings is a sin against God. It can only be forgiven if you repent and stop acting on those feelings. No one ever said life would be easy on earth, but it is for God’s glory and we will be rewarded in Heaven.

Also, adultery is a sin against God. This is very clear in the Bible as well. If you even allow your mind to have thoughts of having an affair it is a sin. Porn is included in this. If you watch porn and it makes you aroused then you are sinning. Lusting after someone even if you don’t act on it is considered adultery in the eyes of the Lord. For some even romantic comedies can cause people to fantasize about the characters which is still a sin. However, some good points are if you are married you can engage any sexual activities as often as you want with your spouse. God made sex enjoyable and not just for reproduction purposes. We are allowed to enjoy sex it just has to be with the person we choose to marry. Pre martial sex is wrong in the Bible as well even though it is commonly accepted in our society.

The point of this discussion is to get the truth out. It is ok to be accepting of people who sin, but a Christian should be willing to tell people that it is a sin. So many churches try to teach it is ok or avoid the topic so they do not lose followers. However, if you can not accept God’s true word then you are not truly saved. We do not get to pick what we want to be true and God’s word does not change with society it is the same as it has always been and will forever remain that way. If we stop teaching our children that society is right and everything is ok then maybe the world would have less problems. I know if we could at least change the worlds view on pre martial sex we would have less pregnant teens. We need to return to God instead of trying to change society to fit our needs. No good will come from changing society to be more relaxed we should get back to our roots and follow God’s word and the society would be better.

Next week I am going to talk about tithing. Feel free to leave comments or questions. I am here to get God’s true word out to those who want to learn how to truly be saved.

Thanks and God bless, Jessica Pickel


Preaching the Truth or Preaching for Fame?

I am going to be talking about preachers this week. It is so important to realize which preachers you should listen to and who you should avoid. There are several preachers, including famous ones, who are only preaching what they feel people want to hear in order to be famous and make money. People need to realize if you want to learn and know about God then there are going to be some things that make you uncomfortable. You still need to know these things if you wish to truly be saved. I have personally heard some famous preachers say that Jesus is not the only way to get into Heaven and that if you just try to be a good person it will be ok. This is wrong. The Bible states very clearly that accepting Jesus as your savior is not one way, it is the only way to get into the Kingdom of God. Some of the other things they preach about are being faithful to God and He will give you everything you want. Wrong again. God does not promise to make His believers rich or give us everything we ask. It is not about us it is about Him. He does, however, say He will give us everything we need. People get confused about this because needs are not the same as wants. He will make sure we have shelter, clothes, food, and(most important to me) is peace in our hearts. Also, these false preachers will preach tolerance of people who sin. This one is a bit confusing for some people. We should be accepting of all people, but we should still be willing to tell them that they are sinning against God. I am going to touch more on this next week when I talk about the truth of God’s word and human sexuality. For now I will say, although we should be accepting of all people some things are still a sin. God gives people different trials in life and sometimes being attracted to someone of the same-sex is that trial. It is a choice to act on these feelings and it is a sin period. This is also very clear in the Bible; not grey like some preachers will tell you. These preachers need to be called out and told they are wrong. Anyone who preaches these things is either trying to get rich or trying to keep their followers. It is easier to preach what people want to hear, but you can not save their souls this way. The last thing to watch out for with these preachers is how they use the money people give to their church. It is ok for a preacher to be paid, have a nice home, drive a nice car, but to have a mansion and 300,000 car is unacceptable. They will say God provided it because they do His work. I assure you God would rather that money go to missions, the church, the community, or any other Christian causes. Preachers are allowed to have a salary, but it should be reasonable not 400,000 a year. The Bible tells us we should be humble and modest. I am sure some of you will know the preachers I am talking about , but for legal reasons their names cannot be mentioned. So I will end saying be careful who you listen to when it comes to the word of God: Some people just aren’t in it for the right reasons.