Heaven or Hell?

Imagine being in complete darkness for an unending amount time. Longer than counting all the sand in the world one grain at a time. With 100 percent no hope of it ever ending and no hope of every seeing or feeling the light again. If you can imagine this then picture Hell being a million times worse. Why would anyone want to chance feeling this way. When you die and go to Hell the worst part is knowing without a doubt you were wrong, God is real, and you can never change the choice you made and you are separate from God forever. If Christians are wrong we really suffer no consequences, but when non believers are wrong it is the worst depression and pain you can imagine. What is better, having a little sinful pleasure in life for a short period of time or trying to live your life for God and spending eternity in a place where there is no sadness or sickness. Most people choose to go against God only because they do not want to give up the things they view as important. People need to realize God is what’s important. It is only through His grace that we can be saved. It does not really matter what we do in life because we could never be good enough on our own. Some people mistake this as meaning that God will let everyone in if they just try hard and try to be good, but that is not the case. When you really believe in the Lord you want to learn more and study the Bible. It is then that you learn how to get to Heaven and what God expects from us. You also learn Jesus is the only way to Heaven despite what others say. Also, if you are true Christians then you are intolerant to others who would go against God and all preachers who teach otherwise are wrong. My whole blog is to let people know the truth about God’s word and if something offends you it should and you shouldn’t do it. Now is the time for people to realize what is at stake by choosing your own desires over God. Please listen and change. Society would improve so much if people would just wake up and realize what they are doing.


Speak up

I know I have written a little about being tolerant of other people. I just want to go into more detail about that. As Christians we should be willing to tell people when they are doing something that is against God. I have recently seen even more about certain TV preachers telling people to be tolerant of others even when they are sinning. We know these people will not get into Heaven if they continue down that path. When you are truly saved the Bible tells us we will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that makes us want to live our lives for God. If you continue to sin then you are not trying to live for God and therefore cannot truly be saved. Everyone will still make mistakes, but there is a huge difference in making small mistakes and continuing to live in sin. There is only one way to Heaven despite what some TV preachers tell you and that is belief in Christ as your Lord and savior. He died for our sins and by doing so paid the debt that we could not. “If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you will be saved” Romans 10:9 We should be willing to tell everyone about God and how to get to Heaven and not be afraid that others might view us in a negative way. We do not live for others or the world, but for God alone. It is time to stop worrying about politics and society and focus on what is really important, GOD! Our life on earth is short, but then we have eternity for our souls. The time now is to prepare for our souls and where we want to be. Once we are gone from this world it will be too late and if we do not make the right decisions we will lose our chance to spend eternity with Jesus. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so we need to make today count.


Unlike the government God will never shutdown. Everyone is concerned about what is going to happen to the United States and we as Christians should be even more concerned. We have chosen to go against God and elect a non-Christian president and now everyone is having to pay the price for our decision. Our country was founded on Christianity despite what some might say and yet we continue to allow our president to go against God. He is trying to force everyone to abandon our faith in God by bullying the citizens. We all need to do more research and use our voices to speak out against what we know is wrong. The Bible tells us to obey the laws of the government unless they go against God. When they start to interfere with God then we are suppose to be willing to take a stand even in the face of prison time or death. God will give us the strength to conquer our enemies. Obama is not a Christian and does not have the interest of America when he makes these laws. He knows exactly what he is doing and he weakening this country on purpose. We need to wake up and see the truth behind his lies. He should be made to step down and if that does not happen then we should all make sure to vote for a Christian republican in the next election if we survive that long. That is unless Obama finds a way to stay president even longer which would not surprise me. For those of you who read my blog and do not live in the United States please pray for our country. We are under the thumb of someone who is not loyal to the Lord or his country. I see very bad things in our future if something does not change. The Christians in our country are trying to stop him, but in the end he will have the last say and God help us all when he does.

Suffering in life?

I know with the economy the way it is there are many people struggling with a variety of issues. Some problems may not even have anything to do with the economy. If you are suffering in life and cannot seem to shake it and you have tried everything on your own, why not try trusting in Jesus? You may find the answer you have been searching for has been right in front of you the whole time. Sometimes when things go wrong in our lives it is God’s way of telling us we need to turn our lives back to Him. This does not necessarily mean the outcome we want will be the outcome we get, but it does mean things will get better according to God’s will. Even for Christians sometimes bad things have to happen in order for us to realize what we are suppose to really be doing in order to achieve God’s will. We must always remember the only one who can see the “big picture” is God. Some people may constantly ask themselves why bad things happen to them and one thing they never think to do is look at their lives and see if they are really living for the Lord. When you have tried everything and nothing works why would you not be willing to try Jesus? You literally have nothing to lose. No harm will ever come from trusting in God. The problem for most people is you don’t want to have to be a good person and give up sin. Maybe there are things you do that you think are fun that the Bible says you should not do, but in all actuality the only thing that can happen when you decide to follow the Lord is you are to try and be a good person. I think the world would be a lot better if everyone tried to live life as a “good person”. No one expects perfection because only God is perfect. You may be surprised by the peace you feel and the relief you feel by simply choosing to trust in the Lord and do as He says. Besides, what does it hurt when you have tried everything else?
Jessica Pickel

Teen Sex

The more I see commercials, movies, video games, and TV shows the more I am reminded of how society has made having sex as a teenager OK. It is terrible that the saying sex sells has never been more accurate. Most parents leave educating their children in the area of sex to their own devices. Parents assume their child is going to be sexually active anyway so why bother to talk to them about it. Some shows semi try and help by showing the real side of being a teenager who has sex, but all of them tend to glorify it. Society today is all about embracing sexuality and taking control of your sex life. This should not be a choice left up to teenagers no matter how mature they are. The truth is they are still children; minors until they are 18. The human body goes through so many changes in development during these years that it is impossible to think clearly and see the “big picture”. If parents took a more active role instead of trying to be friends with their child we might be able to prevent many teen pregnancies. Teens need control and to feel safe and loved. Parents need to be willing to show their children that their lives and future are more meaningful than just finding someone to say I love you. School should not be about finding someone to hook up with it should be about building a good life. Each and every teenager is worth more than being a sex partner. They all have futures and a purpose. They can rise above any challenge with the right guidance. It is hard enough to get through school without having to worry about who is dating who and who has a date at all. As a teenager you are not able to see the real consequences of your actions. Of course, I am not na├»ve enough to believe teens are going to listen to anyone, and so we should be encouraging them to follow what the Bible says. If we teach our kids about loving and obeying God then they will make the right decisions on their own. We should not only teach them about what the Bible says about sex, but be the Godly parent they need. After all the Bible gives us all the information we need to parent our children correctly. They have and will have plenty of friends, but only one mom and dad. We need to make our roles as parents count and teach our children they are worth more and can be and do anything.
If any teens read my blog you may not agree with what I have to say and I encourage you to share your thoughts, but know this: One day you will look back and understand. Do not make the mistake so many before you have made. You are better and deserve better. This is not just for girls either. Boys have nothing to prove and should be made to feel important in different ways.
Jessica Pickel


I thought this week I would blog about everything going on in Syria. Many people have varying opinions on what should be done. Unfortunately our president is in a lose-lose situation. No matter what action he takes people will be upset. There is no way to make everyone happy. I am not a fan of Obama and I feel people are getting what they deserve for electing a Muslim president. He is helping his people and that is not us. The Syrian government gassed hundreds of children to try and stop what they thought to be terrorist. This is wrong. The Bible tells us we are to protect children. They are innocent and it is our jobs as Christians to fight for them. However, interfering in this case would be helping yet another group of terrorist overthrow their government. we have already helped terrorist take over four other countries. I do not believe in this case we should interfere in anyway. If we do we will be weakening the military so the rebels can take over and win the civil war. The down side is if we do nothing other countries will see us as week. They will think it is OK to take actions like this on more children. There have always been countries that war amongst themselves and for the most part the rest of the world stays out of it. A good example of this is Sudan. They have murdered many people including children for many years now. No one has stepped in to try and stop them because it would cause a very deadly war. I think we should allow them to fight their own war even though what they did was terrible. Sometimes we have to leave the punishment of these people up to God. He will make sure they get what they deserve when the time comes. There are many other things we should be focusing on and a lot of those are within our own country. We are deteriorating as a country at a rapid rate. If we do not turn back to God things will just continuously get worse. There is so much evil in America; people are killed and tortured on our own soil. Children are abused and abandoned on our own soil. We need Jesus in our lives and get Him back in our schools so we are teaching our children about Him and how to have a successful future and end all of the horrible things that are now happening. I would like to encourage anyone who has a opinion to feel free to leave a comment.
Jessica Pickel

God’s Will

My post is late this week due to illness, but I am getting better now.

I want to talk about God’s will and how sometimes it is talked about in the wrong way. Some Christians like to call everything God’s will even when that may not be what God wants. For example someone drops 100 dollar bill in front of you it is probably not God’s will for you to keep it. Some would say God wanted me to have this money and that is why the person dropped it. We all have to remember while we are on earth we all have sin in our hearts that can mask God’s true will. Another example is when we pray for certain things for ourselves. We should learn that when we pray we need to ask for God’s will to be done even if the outcome is not what we want. If we all pray for God’s will good things will happen in His time. We are not capable of seeing the big picture the way the Lord does. Yes, sometimes bad things have to happen for people to realize the will of God and do as He asks. Sometimes people want to blame God for every bad decision they make and congratulate themselves when they make good decisions. We all need to see that everything happens for God’s glory. There is nothing too big that He can not handle, but you have to let it go and give Him control. He can’t fix it if we never let go. It is like a child with a broken toy; you cannot fix the toy unless the child gives it to you. So for this week try to live your life for God’s will. Praise Him everyday for all the good things in your life and lay your worries down and let go and see how God can work. Just remember His will may not be your will, but you will be happier with te Lord leading the way.