Suffering in life?

I know with the economy the way it is there are many people struggling with a variety of issues. Some problems may not even have anything to do with the economy. If you are suffering in life and cannot seem to shake it and you have tried everything on your own, why not try trusting in Jesus? You may find the answer you have been searching for has been right in front of you the whole time. Sometimes when things go wrong in our lives it is God’s way of telling us we need to turn our lives back to Him. This does not necessarily mean the outcome we want will be the outcome we get, but it does mean things will get better according to God’s will. Even for Christians sometimes bad things have to happen in order for us to realize what we are suppose to really be doing in order to achieve God’s will. We must always remember the only one who can see the “big picture” is God. Some people may constantly ask themselves why bad things happen to them and one thing they never think to do is look at their lives and see if they are really living for the Lord. When you have tried everything and nothing works why would you not be willing to try Jesus? You literally have nothing to lose. No harm will ever come from trusting in God. The problem for most people is you don’t want to have to be a good person and give up sin. Maybe there are things you do that you think are fun that the Bible says you should not do, but in all actuality the only thing that can happen when you decide to follow the Lord is you are to try and be a good person. I think the world would be a lot better if everyone tried to live life as a “good person”. No one expects perfection because only God is perfect. You may be surprised by the peace you feel and the relief you feel by simply choosing to trust in the Lord and do as He says. Besides, what does it hurt when you have tried everything else?
Jessica Pickel


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