Teen Sex

The more I see commercials, movies, video games, and TV shows the more I am reminded of how society has made having sex as a teenager OK. It is terrible that the saying sex sells has never been more accurate. Most parents leave educating their children in the area of sex to their own devices. Parents assume their child is going to be sexually active anyway so why bother to talk to them about it. Some shows semi try and help by showing the real side of being a teenager who has sex, but all of them tend to glorify it. Society today is all about embracing sexuality and taking control of your sex life. This should not be a choice left up to teenagers no matter how mature they are. The truth is they are still children; minors until they are 18. The human body goes through so many changes in development during these years that it is impossible to think clearly and see the “big picture”. If parents took a more active role instead of trying to be friends with their child we might be able to prevent many teen pregnancies. Teens need control and to feel safe and loved. Parents need to be willing to show their children that their lives and future are more meaningful than just finding someone to say I love you. School should not be about finding someone to hook up with it should be about building a good life. Each and every teenager is worth more than being a sex partner. They all have futures and a purpose. They can rise above any challenge with the right guidance. It is hard enough to get through school without having to worry about who is dating who and who has a date at all. As a teenager you are not able to see the real consequences of your actions. Of course, I am not naïve enough to believe teens are going to listen to anyone, and so we should be encouraging them to follow what the Bible says. If we teach our kids about loving and obeying God then they will make the right decisions on their own. We should not only teach them about what the Bible says about sex, but be the Godly parent they need. After all the Bible gives us all the information we need to parent our children correctly. They have and will have plenty of friends, but only one mom and dad. We need to make our roles as parents count and teach our children they are worth more and can be and do anything.
If any teens read my blog you may not agree with what I have to say and I encourage you to share your thoughts, but know this: One day you will look back and understand. Do not make the mistake so many before you have made. You are better and deserve better. This is not just for girls either. Boys have nothing to prove and should be made to feel important in different ways.
Jessica Pickel


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