God’s Will

My post is late this week due to illness, but I am getting better now.

I want to talk about God’s will and how sometimes it is talked about in the wrong way. Some Christians like to call everything God’s will even when that may not be what God wants. For example someone drops 100 dollar bill in front of you it is probably not God’s will for you to keep it. Some would say God wanted me to have this money and that is why the person dropped it. We all have to remember while we are on earth we all have sin in our hearts that can mask God’s true will. Another example is when we pray for certain things for ourselves. We should learn that when we pray we need to ask for God’s will to be done even if the outcome is not what we want. If we all pray for God’s will good things will happen in His time. We are not capable of seeing the big picture the way the Lord does. Yes, sometimes bad things have to happen for people to realize the will of God and do as He asks. Sometimes people want to blame God for every bad decision they make and congratulate themselves when they make good decisions. We all need to see that everything happens for God’s glory. There is nothing too big that He can not handle, but you have to let it go and give Him control. He can’t fix it if we never let go. It is like a child with a broken toy; you cannot fix the toy unless the child gives it to you. So for this week try to live your life for God’s will. Praise Him everyday for all the good things in your life and lay your worries down and let go and see how God can work. Just remember His will may not be your will, but you will be happier with te Lord leading the way.


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