A Call to a Nation

I know everyone is aware of the media in America the last couple of weeks. Our youth of this Nation are killing people simple because they have nothing better to do. I think this should be a wake up call to the people in America to get back to our roots and turn back to God. This senseless violence will not stop until we all get right with the Lord. American’s everywhere are hungry for God’s word without even knowing it. Only when we accept the Lord into our hearts can our nation start to heal. We need to revive the Christian people in our Nation need to start taking a stand for our beliefs and God’s truth. His word does not change just because society does. We should not let people stand in our way of spreading God’s word to those who want to hear it. We have tried doing things on our own for years now and it is quite obvious that the Nation is deteriorating on a daily basis. Our Nation was founded on the Bible and God’s word so we could worship him freely not so all other religions can become more acceptable. There is only one true God and we need to turn back to Him so the healing can begin. I also want to open up to all the people who may read this blog in passing. If there is anything you would like to know the truth about feel free to ask. I will tell you the truth about what God says without skirting the issue or sugar coating.  We are in need of a savior and Jesus is the only one who can save us. We can not continue to allow senseless acts of violence. It is not a black and white race issue, it is all our youth and our future. These young people will run our country one day and we have to make sure their values are in the right place. Thanks and God bless.


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