Sharing the Word of God

It is not enough to just be a Christian yourself. The Bible tells us we should spread God’s word and tell everyone about Him. An atheist once said ” How much do you have to hate someone to know that you hold the key to eternity the most wonderful thing [heaven] and you won’t share it with everybody….”(Gilette) We get so wrapped up in what others may think that we actually forget that the most important thing is God and His will. We as Christians know what is in store for those who do not believe in God and live they life for Him. People invest in their future through retirement plans all the time without knowing if they will ever even make it to retirement age. Why not invest in your eternity? People need to know the absolute truth that the Bible tells us. We know everything we need to in order to live a productive life for God’s glory and be rewarded¬†with eternity in Heaven. We should put aside feeling foolish because in the end it will be others who feel foolish. It is not about our comfort and God will give us the strength and words we need in order to share His word. We do not have to be afraid of what others think because we have God on our side. Plus, if someone is offended by hearing God’s true word and His laws then they are not saved. We cannot continue to allow people to just share part of God’s word. We do not get to pick and choose what in the Bible is real. It is all real like it or not. Yes, some of the rules may be hard to follow and harder for some, but the reward is great and the punishment fearful. If I choose to believe and I am wrong nothing happens to me when I die, but if you choose to NOT believe and you die then you spend an eternity suffering for your sins. Anyone can be washed clean through Christ if you just choose to live your life for Him. Thank you and God bless.

Jessica Pickel


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