Stance on Abortion

So I just realized I did not post what this week’s blog will be about. Well, I have decided to once again talk about something some Christians tend to skate around and that is abortion. All should be against abortion. God has a plan for everyone and yes sometimes bad things happen. It should not be a choice on whether or not a child has the right to live. I know from personal experience that a baby has a heartbeat at six weeks. I have seen it with my last two pregnancies. Life should not be choice; if you don’t want a baby use protection or abstinence. I know there are some cases of rape or sexual abuse, but that child should not be punished for the bad deeds of others. There are other options like adoption if you do not want to raise the baby. The Bible tells us very plainly people do not have the right to decide who lives and who dies. It even talks about if a man strikes a woman who is pregnant and something happens to the fetus he could be punished for taking a life (Exodus). It also says the Lord knows us by name before we are even conceived. Some people do not believe a baby is living until it is born, but it is those same people that usually believe animals and plants are living. What makes something living? If they have a heartbeat, brain activity, eat, and breathe that is considered living. A fetus does all of this by six weeks of pregnancy. Most women do not even know they are pregnant this early on; meaning most abortions are after this point. There should be no scenario that makes killing an unborn child ok. That child is innocent and has a purpose. So many preachers will say it is ok if medically necessary, but we should have more faith in God than that. So as for the Christian point of view abortion is wrong no matter what. It should not be used as an easy out for people who want to live in sin and not use protection. Thanks and God bless.

Next week I will be talking about sharing God’s word with others.

Jessica Pickel


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