Parenting God’s Way

In the world today more and more people frown on punishing children. This can actually do more harm for your child than spanking them. Children need to know when they do something wrong or they cannot learn how to act. So many people never punish their kids and those kids grow up and realize life is not as easy as they thought. If you love your child you should be willing to correct them when they make mistakes. Keep in mind spanking a child is not the same as abusing a child. Correcting a child’s behavior is necessary for them to learn and does not make you a bad parent. Abusing a child is and will always be wrong. Some people do not like the fact the Bible talks about sparing the rod and spoiling the child, but this just means to punish your children when they make mistakes and guide them down the right path. It has been proven that punishment works in correcting behavior. Look at generational differences. You can tell when people quit spanking their children. There are more disrespectful children, partying, drug use, and teen pregnancy now because people try to be friends and not parents. People let the kids get away with everything and so the child never learns which behaviors are right and which behaviors will have consequences. So, if you love your child and want them to succeed in life correct them when they behavior in a bad way and guide them down the right path. We need to be parents to our children; they have enough friends. Thanks for reading and God bless. Jessica Pickel


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