Tithing in a Bad Economy

This week is going to be short and sweet speaking the truth about tithing. This is a sensitive subject for some, and can even keep people from going to church. No church is going to make you gives tithes. You do not need to feel bad if you don’t think you can give. What I will say is the Bible does tell us we are suppose to no matter our financial situation though. Tithing is God’s portion of what you make, and goes to maintain the church you attend so they can continue to do the Lord’s work. God says in the Bible we should give to Him from the top of what we have and give with a cheerful heart. God will not abandon you if you do not give, but those that tithe faithfully will be rewarded for it. God will always make sure you have the things you need, and we should not let money rule our lives. I have seen people tithe who barely had enough money to pay their bills and yet they some how make it through every month. Typically tithing is 10% and can be deducted from your taxes. You should give like you pay taxes; right off the top. The people who benefit from this money are all of God’s people. It allows more of God’s will to be done. I encourage everyone to at least try tithing for one year; just as I encouraged everyone to attend church for one year. You will see the blessings the Lord will give in your life. Keep in mind those blessings may not be money, but will be fulfilling in your life. You trust God with your eternity and believe He will fulfill His promises, then why don’t you trust Him with your finances. He will keep the promises He gave in regards to them to.Thanks for reading and God bless.

Next week will be about parenting.

Jessica Pickel


1 thought on “Tithing in a Bad Economy

  1. I’ve never understood how the state of the economy is supposed to have any effect on the responsibility of Christians to tithe. When it’s bad, you’ll have less to give, but you still give a tenth of what you clear. Frankly, if 10% is all you can share with those less fortunate, you might be too attached to material, or be mismanaging your resources. Even if you have no money at all, you can volunteer your time and effort in service work. That has as much value as money.

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