Truth about the Bible and Sexuality

I know many things have become acceptable in today’s society, one being homosexuality. If you are a Christian there is only one thought you can have on this. This Bible is very clear that acting on homosexual feelings is morally wrong. This does not mean there won’t be people who have those urges. What it means is as a Christian if you do have these feelings you should not act on them. Sometimes people have to go through trials in life and this would be a trial for certain people. Acting on homosexual feelings is a choice just like acting on heterosexual feelings is a choice. I have seen many people who have homosexual feelings choose to lead a heterosexual life for God. This is not a grey area in the Bible where some people can say it is ok. It is very clear that acting on these feelings is a sin against God. It can only be forgiven if you repent and stop acting on those feelings. No one ever said life would be easy on earth, but it is for God’s glory and we will be rewarded in Heaven.

Also, adultery is a sin against God. This is very clear in the Bible as well. If you even allow your mind to have thoughts of having an affair it is a sin. Porn is included in this. If you watch porn and it makes you aroused then you are sinning. Lusting after someone even if you don’t act on it is considered adultery in the eyes of the Lord. For some even romantic comedies can cause people to fantasize about the characters which is still a sin. However, some good points are if you are married you can engage any sexual activities as often as you want with your spouse. God made sex enjoyable and not just for reproduction purposes. We are allowed to enjoy sex it just has to be with the person we choose to marry. Pre martial sex is wrong in the Bible as well even though it is commonly accepted in our society.

The point of this discussion is to get the truth out. It is ok to be accepting of people who sin, but a Christian should be willing to tell people that it is a sin. So many churches try to teach it is ok or avoid the topic so they do not lose followers. However, if you can not accept God’s true word then you are not truly saved. We do not get to pick what we want to be true and God’s word does not change with society it is the same as it has always been and will forever remain that way. If we stop teaching our children that society is right and everything is ok then maybe the world would have less problems. I know if we could at least change the worlds view on pre martial sex we would have less pregnant teens. We need to return to God instead of trying to change society to fit our needs. No good will come from changing society to be more relaxed we should get back to our roots and follow God’s word and the society would be better.

Next week I am going to talk about tithing. Feel free to leave comments or questions. I am here to get God’s true word out to those who want to learn how to truly be saved.

Thanks and God bless, Jessica Pickel



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