Preaching the Truth or Preaching for Fame?

I am going to be talking about preachers this week. It is so important to realize which preachers you should listen to and who you should avoid. There are several preachers, including famous ones, who are only preaching what they feel people want to hear in order to be famous and make money. People need to realize if you want to learn and know about God then there are going to be some things that make you uncomfortable. You still need to know these things if you wish to truly be saved. I have personally heard some famous preachers say that Jesus is not the only way to get into Heaven and that if you just try to be a good person it will be ok. This is wrong. The Bible states very clearly that accepting Jesus as your savior is not one way, it is the only way to get into the Kingdom of God. Some of the other things they preach about are being faithful to God and He will give you everything you want. Wrong again. God does not promise to make His believers rich or give us everything we ask. It is not about us it is about Him. He does, however, say He will give us everything we need. People get confused about this because needs are not the same as wants. He will make sure we have shelter, clothes, food, and(most important to me) is peace in our hearts. Also, these false preachers will preach tolerance of people who sin. This one is a bit confusing for some people. We should be accepting of all people, but we should still be willing to tell them that they are sinning against God. I am going to touch more on this next week when I talk about the truth of God’s word and human sexuality. For now I will say, although we should be accepting of all people some things are still a sin. God gives people different trials in life and sometimes being attracted to someone of the same-sex is that trial. It is a choice to act on these feelings and it is a sin period. This is also very clear in the Bible; not grey like some preachers will tell you. These preachers need to be called out and told they are wrong. Anyone who preaches these things is either trying to get rich or trying to keep their followers. It is easier to preach what people want to hear, but you can not save their souls this way. The last thing to watch out for with these preachers is how they use the money people give to their church. It is ok for a preacher to be paid, have a nice home, drive a nice car, but to have a mansion and 300,000 car is unacceptable. They will say God provided it because they do His work. I assure you God would rather that money go to missions, the church, the community, or any other Christian causes. Preachers are allowed to have a salary, but it should be reasonable not 400,000 a year. The Bible tells us we should be humble and modest. I am sure some of you will know the preachers I am talking about , but for legal reasons their names cannot be mentioned. So I will end saying be careful who you listen to when it comes to the word of God: Some people just aren’t in it for the right reasons.



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